Innovation FACILITATORS for sustainability

Our why

Use Innovation as a catalyser towards Sustainability,
to help organisations develop solutions that can create positive impacts

What we do

We are innovation facilitators, supporting international R&D collaboration and innovation and access to funding that can have a positive impact towards sustainability.

Our main service lines:

We promote collaboration within specific innovation ecosystems and supply chains, finding optimised paths towards positive impacts

We support organisations with strategic tools and innovation routes
to improve their sustainability performance

The solutions for transitioning to sustainability involve innovative social practices, technologies and business models. Sustainability transitions are society‑wide, long-term processes built on innovation and knowledge creation.                                                                                                                 EEA – European Environment Agency     

NyuSI Horizon Europe fundingNyuSI Horizon Europe funding
NyuSI Sustainabiliy TrainingNyuSI Sustainabiliy Training

Throughout each project you feel that you are in safe hands‌

Do you have a project idea?

Innovation is essential to be able to address challenges such as climate change, social inequality, and relentless resource depletion. It is the driver behind the development of new technologies, practices, and solutions that can achieve these results while also satisfying economic objectives. As Bill Gates eloquently elaborates in his bestseller, How to Avoid Climate Disaster, achieving long-term sustainability goals without innovation is unimaginable. [Forbes / Esade Business & Law School -,while%20also%20satisfying%20economic%20objectives]

We have the ability to listen first and, therefore, we provide services that are important to our customers. Quality is of extreme relevance to us, while we cherish our customers’ trust.